Huddersfield – Everton

Huddersfield Town hosts Everton in a game from the 36th round of the English Premier League. Let us offer you our winning soccer predictions for this game.


Huddersfield Town are very close to ensure their survival in the league. Right now they are 16th in the Premier League with 35 points, being 6 points above the 18th Southampton and the safe zone. Just a few rounds before the end of the season, this is a very good lead to have. It’s almost sure now that Huddersfield are going to keep their place in the league.


So far Huddersfield Town have a record of 9 wins, 8 draws and 17 defeats. In their last five games they won once, made two draws and suffers two losses. In their last game they enjoyed a 1-0 win against Watford at home.


Everton are 8th in the Premier League with 45 points won so far. And a record of 12 wins, 9 draws and 14 losses. They started the season with some expensive summer signings and a lot of ambition, but things didn’t go in their way. The poor results led to the sacking of the manager Ronald Koeman, who was replaced by former national coach Sam Allardyce.


Everton can’t do better than this right now, but they can lose the 8th place to Leicester. The Foxes are just one point behind. That’s why the team from Liverpool must seek a win against Huddersfield Town in order to keep its place in the Top 8.


In their last five games Everton won twice, made two draws and lost only once – against the champion Manchester City at home.


These are our winning soccer predictions for the Premier League match between Huddersfield Town and Everton. This is a tricky game, so we wish you a good luck with it!