How to make value bets in eSports

If you have experience in betting, then most probably you know what a value bet is. This is when you pick an offer that has the highest chances of winning you money. But how to make value bets in eSports? That’s what we are going to discuss while we prepare some new eSports predictions for today.


The most important thing when talking about value bets is to identify this value we are talking about. What the best bettors in the world do in this regard is creating their own model of doing the thing. In most cases, they are usually studying and researching the so-called relevant data points – the information which allows them to have success.


When there are eSports events you contemplate betting on, you should do the best possible research. For example, try studying the head-to-head records between players and teams. This is a very good data point to have. It would help if you also examined the different players and teams’ recent performances – no matter how good someone is, sometimes the lousy shape is what happens. This is an entirely normal thing in sports, and eSports is not a different thing.


The players’ health is another thing you must learn to research. The condition of the player could be critical for the final result. ESports is a tiring industry, and some players are just not in the best possible condition after few matches – physically and mentally.


Learning how to do substantial research is something that is going to pay in the long-term. It’d make you a much better bettor, and it’s going to build some useful habits for your gambling career.


If you don’t feel ready to make value bets just yet, you can always look for our eSports predictions for today. Our experts are going to help you to make the right decisions. You can be sure about that.